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I forgot it was valentines day hahahahha

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"Now, I’m not going anywhere, I would never leave you."

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I need to stay young.

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you are so cute :)

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Last time when we kissed. You passed out back then, and you’re doing it again. What is the problem? I think it has to do with touching. But there wasn’t a problem when I held your hand. But no kisses? Am I right? I need to know the Do’s and Don’t here. Like precautions and how far we can go. So nothing further than a kiss? Kiss and above are no good?

"What’s the point in having superpowers, he passes out after a kiss."

I don’t know why this makes me laugh so much.

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Have u noticed how Aaliya’s hair is flawless in every single episode! Its so visually captivating man…

P.S remind me to set Zain on fire the day Aaliya touches him, cause that’s what he saiddd….

i’m so funnyyy! -_-


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